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Basic InfoEdit

The Kanto region is a region created by Gamefreak for the Generation I games, Red, Green and Blue. It was later expanded slightly in Yellow, with the addition of mini-game location, and further modified in the Generation II games (and their Gen IV remakes). It was also expanded to include the Sevii Islands in the Generation III remakes of Red and Green.

Hacks set in this regionEdit

The following hacks currently use Kanto as a primary setting:

The following hacks currently use Kanto as a secondary setting:



In the official games, the towns in Johto are:

In Pokémon Secrets and Rumours by Mateo, the following town locations currently appear in Kanto:


Other areas of interest in the official games include:

In Pokémon Secrets and Rumours by Mateo, the following new landmarks were added to Kanto:


  • Kanto is based on a region in real-life Japan.
  • In the international releases, the region was not given a name in Generation I.
  • In Japan, the region's name was only mentioned in passing during Generation I.
  • Many places that were removed from Kanto during Generation II were restored during the Generation IV remakes. Mateo believes this is at least partially due to fan outcry over their removal in Generation II.

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