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This will gradually become a guide to ROM Hacks from the Pokémon Hacking community. Anyone is welcome to contribute information, with the goal of creating an online reference and strategy guide/walkthrough for hacks made by various members of the community.

The goal for formatting is basically, "What if Bulbapedia covered hacks the way it covers official games?" for lack of a better description. Stuck in a town in someone's hack? Haven't played yet, and want to get a good summary or overview of a hack? Not sure if you've done everything in particular area yet? Notice something funny or strange that you think is a reference to something else, and want to check it out in the trivia? This will be the place for you!

It will take a while for this to grow into something on the scale of Bulbapedia, and indeed it may never actually reach that level of depth. However, it should hopefully become a valuable resource for players who find themselves stuck in a game, and players who want to take a look behind the scenes at all the little things that influence our creativity while hacking.

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